Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vernian Process, Minecraft, and My Vast Love of Anything Steampunk-related

Vernian Process, for those of you who don't know, (which is probably most, or all, of you) is a Steampunk inspired band. I have been listening to them daily since I found out about them.

Here's a link to their website, where you can find out some more information about the group. Or you can head over to their Last.Fm profile to check out some music, and even buy some if you want. They have a decent number of albums, including a few that are tribute albums to some great old-school video games, including my personal favorite, Final Fantasy VII. Did I mention that a few of the albums you can download, ENTIRELY FOR FREE?!?!?

I learned about this group while on the Minecraft Forums looking through various threads for texture packs. The pack that caught my eye was Glimmar's Steampunk Texture Pack, which I still use to this day. It is just a beautiful pack if you are a fan of Steampunk. Here are a few pictures borrowed from Glimmar's thread:

I especially love the look of the Redstone in this texture pack

Beautiful, right? There are a lot more pictures on the thread, plus lots of contributions from other Minecrafters, including mods and recolors / reworkings of Glimmar's original texture. Also somewhere is the thread is a link to download some instrumental versions of a majority of the songs from the Vernian Process album "Behold the Machine" (Use Ctrl +F if you are too lazy to look through the whole thread)

I must admit that wandering around in minecraft with this texture pack and some Vernian Process playing in the background is simply amazing. I find it so enjoyable, the music fits so well with the texture pack. (I also use a Steampunk skin that I got off The Skindex, so my character blends in well with his surroundings, but the texture pack replaces the default skin with an upgraded version that looks good as well)

In case you couldn't tell from the title, I absolutely love all aspects of Steampunk. I often find myself on the internet looking through hundreds of pictures of people in their costumes, or reading through the latest issue of Steampunk Magazine. I want to get a few of my friends to start making Steampunk-style clothing and accessories and head out to conventions or gatherings of other avid fans like myself.

Now I just need to think up a good Steampunk name for myself . . . XD


  1. I literally just finished downloading the Final Fantasy VII album and now I want to play that great game again. Looks like I'm pulling an all nighter.

  2. Loved the steampunk aesthetic. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm listening them right now, and the are good.

  4. That's a really nice texture pack, I usually use the zelda texture pack.

  5. If you don't already know about them, you really need to check out Abney Park. Like right now. Go, go!

  6. Yes, I know about Abney Park :D they are good too.

  7. All good music! I love it.


  8. Nice tunes you got there, I like them

  9. Thanks for sharing our music!